Ikea shallow sink

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Ikea shallow sink

One bowl or two? Stainless steel or ceramic? With or without a drainer? Our kitchen sinks come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You're sure to find what you need, whatever the size and style of your kitchen. Don't forget to complete your sink with one of our water-saving taps and our sink accessories.

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Inset sink, 1 bowl with drainboard 69x47 cm. New lower price. Sink bowl w visible front 62x48 cm. Sink bowl, 2 bowls w visible front 82x48 cm.

Kitchen faucets & sinks

Inset sink, 1 bowl with drainboard 86x47 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 53x47 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 46x40 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 46x46 cm.

Inset sink, 1 bowl 56x53 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl with drainboard 72x46 cm. Onset sink, 1 bowl 60x Inset sink, 2 bowls with drainboard x53 cm.

Inset sink, 1 bowl 47x30 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 54x44 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 45x15 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 73x44 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 37x44 cm.

Inset sink, 1 bowl 36x46 cm. Inset sink, 2 bowls 75x53 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 72x46 cm.

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Inset sink, 1 bowl 56x46 cm. Inset sink, 1 bowl 21x44 cm. Back to top Share.Sign In or Create Account.

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Forgot my password. Sign in. Create account. Narrow Bathroom Sinks. Sort By: Best Sellers. Best Sellers. Price High to Low. Price Low to High. Showing: 1 - 48 of 61 product s. See Less. Vessel Wall Mounted Drop In Undermount 9.

Overall Length. See More. Overall Width. Overall Height. Trough Corner 2. Double 2. Has Overflow With Counter Space 4. Narrow Small Large 8. Oversized 4.

Thin 2. Faucet Holes. One Hole No Hole Three Hole 9. Rectangular Oval Round 7.HAVSEN apron front sink is a beautiful detail in your traditional kitchen, and it also fits in a kitchen island. You can spend more time on other things thanks to its easy-care ceramic surface.

The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. Find out more about browser cookies. Product details Product details year Limited Warranty.

Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure. The sink does not reach all the way to the back of the worktop, which allows you to install a kitchen mixer tap and add other sink accessories as you like.

ikea shallow sink

An apron front sink allows you to stand closer to the bowl without needing to lean forward when you wash dishes, which may feel more comfortable for your back. Easy to clean, with soft rounded corners.

Ceramic sinks are kiln-fired, which makes each one unique and the size may vary slightly from the measurements given. Fits cabinet frames 36" wide. Fits countertops with a minimum thickness of 1". Sink strainer with stopper Main parts: Polypropylene. Seals: Synthetic rubber. Apron front double bowl sink Ceramic, Colored glaze.

Apron front double bowl sink Do not use scouring-powder, steel wool, hard or sharp tools which can scratch the surface. To avoid lime scale stains, rinse the sink with water and wipe it with a dry cloth Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth. This product comes as 3 packages. Reviews 28 Reviews 2. The left side was cracked within weeks and now the right side is smashed after a pot slipped from my hands.

Because its not a standard size, and IKEA doesn't have another sink with the same dimensions, we are stuck buying another of the same. If you have never remodeled before, I strongly recommend porcelain and a standard size so you aren't stuck like we are. By July it has 2 huge cracks with water seeping under the sink cabinet. I have to buy a new sink and all the labor associated with revomal and installation of a new sink 1.

It has been installed for about 19 months. We love the way it looks I was able to find my receipt and we drove the next day to IKEA. Eight days later, still no call. When a product has a year warranty and you have done nothing to void that warranty, you should not have to stress about whether or not your problem will be addressed.

Beautiful and affordable Lauraloo I bought this sink 13 years ago when I remodeled my cottage. He thought one bug pot dropped in the bottom would be a disaster. I do recommend putting a plastic or silicone Sink Liner in the bottom for protection.

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I have had absolutely no problems. I do not own a dishwasher and I also rent out the cottage so renters have been using it with no problems. Not standard size and cracked lktysplt I bought a house that was remodeled already and the contractor installed the previous model sink drip plate all the way to wall and 26 deep. It is cracked and there is no standard size to replace it.

I may have to replace the counters along with the sink.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Think about the current status of your bathroom. If that's been the case, then you've probably managed to ignore the disarray this whole time. But we're here to tell you that IKEA's bathroom vanities can come to the rescue.

To help you find the best bathroom vanity for your needs, here are our favorite options. The stainless steel faucet is included, too. The soft-close doors on this double vanity would be ideal for pairs who get up at different times of the morning. And the white oak detail can match almost any color scheme.

ikea shallow sink

A rustic vanity will always be a charming addition to a bathroom, and this one's white beadboard design fits that bill. Pair it with raw-edge shelving to really go with the theme. The dark finish of this solid pine vanity looks striking in a minimalist bathroom, and it has more than enough storage to fit all of the products in your arsenal. The drawers pull out fully, so you can make use of every inch.

Sometimes a bathroom is so painfully tiny that it takes some serious ingenuity to make it functional. Enter this compact-yet-chic option. Measuring about 25 inches wide and 36 inches high, it can fit into a small corner and make room for storage, too.

If you like all of your daily products within arm's reach, then this vanity should be very appealing. We like the floating sink centered, but you can place it wherever you like to make the piece your own. Home Bathroom. Kelly Dawson. Kelly Dawson is a writer and editor who focuses on architecture, interior design, and culture. She has been writing for MyDomaine since MyDomaine's Editorial Guidelines. Buy on Ikea.

Related Stories.This quick primer on the basic elements of the system will help you navigate through the many options. Since base cabinets occupy floor space, they effectively define the footprint of your kitchen.

Sink bases are a special type of base cabinet. They don't have drawers or other obstructions at the top, to have space for a drop-in sink. Here are the options for IKEA sink base cabinets:. Corner bases are L-shaped cabinets that fit neatly into the corner of rooms. Most corner base cabinets can be ordered with either right-opening or left-opening doors. While this choice matters, it is less important than it may seem. Most ends of your cabinets will butt up to other ends or appliancesso you will never see them.

At the very most, you will have two exposed ends; often, you will have none.

ikea shallow sink

Frame color matters most on the inside. Do you want to continue the wood-look into the box? Or do you want a clean white interior? IKEA's names for door and drawer front styles are not descriptive, so you have to sort them by sight alone.

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Always look for any notes on the product description to make sure the doors or fronts are compatible with the cabinet boxes and with specific types of hinges and other hardware. Legs and toe kicks are sold separately.

Legs are required to keep the cabinet boxes off of the floor. Toe kicks are optional and are not used with all legs. Related Topics. Kitchen Cabinets. Read More.Log in or Sign up. Joined: Jul 28, Location: Dallas, Texas. Here's the story. These are nice sinks with a huge fullsize drawer. The kit comes with the sink, drain, and pvc plumbing for the waste. Faucets are sold separately. A unique feature of this sink is the drain does not need to drop into the vanity. This feat is accomplished with a specialized drain strainer and tight 90 degree elbow see photo.

I am looking for a way to use a different strainer to match the finish of the non-ikea faucets. I doubt I will find a drain that will fit with the ikea pvc, so am interested in replacing the drain outright.

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Unfortunately, I've been unable to find replacement parts for this type of drain in the local stores and Ikea does not and will not sell replacement parts. I am looking for a replacement drain with a similar configuration to the Ikea setup, or a way to build something that will work.

Your guidance and wisdom are appreciated! Last edited by a moderator: Oct 31, Joined: Sep 2, Occupation: Retired Systems engineer for defense industry. Location: New England.

ikea shallow sink

This is my non-pro opinion It appears that either there's a drum trap at that 90 at the back, or that it is designed for p-trap down lower. This means that that horizontal section will accumulate hair, soap scum, etc. There's a reason the p-trap is directly under the drain.

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