Knocking noise in house walls at night

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Knocking noise in house walls at night

Sign up Forgot your password? I am writing because a year and a half ago, my mom and I were by ourselves at our house, when we heard some strange knocking sounds at a hallway that's near our house, by where the kitchen is at, and at that time, there was nobody there, and it was at night.

And I even made sure that nobody was there, so I went out of the house and went there where we heard the noise, and I found nobody there, So me and my mom got kind of scared. Because it sounded like a real knock on the window. And so I went to check and found nobody there. Once I read in a book of a medium that the same thing happened to him, and that he said it was him and his family eating at a dinner table when they all heard a knocking in the wall, and so they knew there was nobody there, so after that a picture of his grandparents fell and he said, "oh it must be grandma and grandpa.

It's kind of scary because you do hear the sound and know that there's nobody there. The thing is that I want to know what does this knocking mean. If anyone knows what it means please leave a message or comment, cause I would really like to know what it means. The following comments are submitted by users of this site and are not official positions by psychic-experiences. Please read our guidelines and the previous posts before posting. The author, glow-inthedark, has the following expectation about your feedback: I will read the comments and participate in the discussion.

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What's That Sound? 9 Home Noises and How to Fix Them

About RSS. User name:. Submit your story! Photographic Memory Is Rare? Psychic Experiences Archives Submit your story! Famous Psychics. Does it mean that somebody from the other side is watching over us, or is it something else. Watching Spirit Lights. I have heard them also Mind is nothing do to the house Its not the first for me I have heard many things over many years I could go into detail but it would take sometime But Its nothing do to the house being oldThis just started recently and I hear really loud knocking I guess you could say tapping, but I would say full on knocking in my walls.

My first instinct was rodents or something of that sort. Does anything about house expansion when it's hot, it expands and etc. Thank you for all the answers! So the pipes explanation could be towards that. I have tried banging real hard on the wall once, yet the noise stops for about two seconds and starts up again.

And my house faces North with the wall with the sonde facing West, therefore the heating explanation could be towards that. However, there is anther house blcking that side of my house so there isn't a lot of exposure to the sun so I mght have to rule that one out. I'm going to take the answer of the pipes as my best answer, although it doesn't happen EVERY time smeone uses the water, but on the other hand, when the household is asleep, therefore no usage of water, the noises do not occur.

knocking noise in house walls at night

I hope to soon figure this out. Thanks again Yes the houses siding can be expanding and contracting due to a temperature change. The outside temp. This southern exposure with the sun hitting it just right can make a huge temp change during the day. Although after saying this the noise you would hear would not be a knock but more like a series of small and frequent taps and pops. Do the knocks occur when someone is using the water or something?

Most animals will scratch and bump but most will not make knocking sounds and have trouble believing that this will be your answer. I believe you will find that your answer will be a water pipe issue and would start looking there.

What is adjacent to the wall where the tapping sound occurs? If there are water pipes in that wall it is possible that they are rattling. Pipes are supposed to be anchored to the wall to prevent them from moving around.

If an anchor is missing or loose the pipe will move when there is a change in pressure inside it. This change in pressure is caused when someone runs the water. Someone else in here suggested that you bang on the wall next time you hear the noise. If it stops or moves, it is likely a critter and you need an exterminator. If it does not stop or move, it is most likely a water pipe bouncing around. I have the same tapping in two of my bedrooms.

When I bang on the wall. I do have aluminum siding. I got one of those same camera on amazon but I have yet to look inside the walls. Only happens in the morning after 8am. I hear it at night but not as much. It s been going on for a couple of years at least. I can go outside and hear the aluminum siding tapping too.

If it s the siding why does the noise go away when I bang on the walls??

knocking noise in house walls at night

Please help. My gut instinct is that it would be a squirrel or a mouse. Although mice tend to make a chewing sound from chewing your electrical wiring - yeah, they're that stupid almost like it would sound if it were raining outside.

Are You Hearing Scratching Noises in Your Walls and Ceiling at Night?

Either way Next time you hear it, go over and bang on the wall good and loud and if the tapping suddenly stops, it's a critter.What causes noisy water pipes, and when is the noise a problem? Learn the three likeliest causes, solutions, and how an AHS home warranty can save you on repairs. Most of these sounds can be safely ignored. But if you hear banging noises coming from your water pipes, listen up.

They could indicate that you have a serious plumbing issue.

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How so? And what can you do to address those problems? When water is running and is then suddenly turned off, the rushing liquid has no place to go and slams against the shut-off valve. There are two primary methods of addressing this issue. Copper pipes tend to expand as hot water passes through and transfers some of its heat to them. In all but the most extreme cases, expanding and contracting copper pipes will not spring a leak.

If your water pressure is too high, it can also cause noisy water pipes.

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Worse, high water pressure can damage water-supplied appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher. Most modern homes are equipped with a pressure regulator that's mounted where the water supply enters the house.

knocking noise in house walls at night

If your home lacks a regulator, consider having one professionally installed. All Rights Reserved. Request Service.

Get Started. I'm a Buyer. I'm a Seller. MyAccount Live Chat Home Warranty. Get a Quote.I purchased a single story new construction home. Because there are a lot of workers around at first I thought the noise I was hearing was bass from their stereo but after being here a week, I notice its present at all hours mainly when i walk into my bedroom and master bath.

It sounds like a very muffled low bass thumping. Any ideas as to what could be causing this? I was either told or always imagined it to be traffic sounds from passing cars with the noise coming thru the plumbing venting or exhaust fan vent, or both.

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Life Life Top Ideabooks. Latest From Houzz. Trending Now. Home design journalist writing about cool spaces, innovative trends, breaking news, industry analysis and humor. Save Comment Like Don't go calling the Ghost Hunters folks just yet if you're hearing strange noises around your house.

There's probably an earthly reason for what's going bump in the night. In fact, sometimes the noises in a house are a warning to prevent something really scary from happening — like a backed-up sewer line. But it's all about knowing what you're hearing and who can help. If you're hearing any of these sounds, it might be time to call a specialist. Gurgling From the Toilet Cause: This could be one of two things. Your sewer line could be backed up. Sometimes tree roots grow into the pipes.Our homes are the largest investments many of us will ever make therefore assuming the worst is an understandable reaction.

Before you let your imagination run wild with worst case scenarios, please take a few minutes to educate yourself on the likely sources of the noise. It will save you time and money getting it right the first time around. There are only two options as to what the source of the scratching noises can be.

It could be a loose pipe, a dislodged soffit panel or a piece of siding, or even faulty electrical components. Regardless, determining what is causing the disruption is the first step in rectifying the issue. The best indicator that it is, in fact, a household related issue is if the noise is consistent.

Animals are erratic and unpredictable, whereas a loose pipe or a piece of siding blowing in the wind will be more of a consistent sound. If it is something blowing in the wind or something loose on the building itself, see if you can confirm this visually. If the commotion appears to be emanating from the interior of the building; try running the different faucets in your home.

If it is a loose pipe this will confirm it and allow you to narrow down which one. If it sounds like something more mechanical, switch your furnace or air conditioner on and off, as well as any other major household appliances. To summarise, if the noise you are hearing is consistent or predictable in any way, it is not a wildlife-related issue. You can now go ahead and call the appropriate tradesperson with confidence. If it is a more erratic and unpredictable noise you are hearing, congratulations, you have critters in your walls or ceiling.

Because raccoons are the largest animal that will break into your attic or home, it is also the easiest to identify. The most common place raccoons will occupy in your home is the attic. Because they are such great climbers, accessing the upper portions of any structure is accomplished with tremendous ease. Raccoons move around at a slower pace. You will hear thumping and banging around, almost as if a small person was up there stomping around.

The next best indicator will be the time of day and the season in which you are hearing the activity. Because they are nocturnal you will hear them in the evening or overnight. The most common time of year for intrusions is during the winter months and early spring. They have their litter in the spring and will seek out a warm, safe place in anticipation.

During the birthing process these critters will also be very vocal, so keep an ear out for any unfamiliar noises.

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Watch this video to hear what raccoons sound like:. In conclusion, a raccoon will not be a scratching, scurrying or tapping sound. It will be more of a heavy thumping. Raccoons require a pretty significant amount of space to gain entry to your home.

Take a walk around your property and have a look for any damaged roof vents, bent siding or soffit panels etc. Often times you will be able to visually confirm the point of entry. Do you need wildlife removal services? Request a quote today! The biggest giveaway that you are dealing with squirrels will be the time of day. They do have some distinctive noises associated with their presence, however, these sounds can often be mistaken for rodents or other critters.

Because they stick to such a rigid schedule, they are easier to identify than you may think. But the bulk of the activity will happen at either sunup or sundown.Ok, I have had in every house I have ever lived in. These very strange loud repetitive clicking noises from the walls at night. I know this sounds weird, but they sometimes are louder and the sounds get faster some nights.

knocking noise in house walls at night

Where we are now, my mum gets them too. But they are louder there and come in the day more than the night like mine are.

I found that kicking the wall or tapping it helps the noise sometimes for a few minutes, but today I kicked it and it didn't help. It shut up for a few seconds, so I lay back down in bed, but then it started to get louder and faster than it previously was oh great that didn't help eh? Like I angered it. The noise also shifts. A few months back it was behind my mirror,then right next to me on the wall, now it's right by my bed under the window this noise.

I have ruled out mice, because I know mice are very timid and they would stop if I kicked the walls. Plus, these noises are sometimes at a height in the walls i've pinpointed them quite high up.

Plus, there are no signs of any mice or rats. Apart from the odd house mice we'd get when I was a child. I only have a problem with these noises as they are disrupting my sleep. I can never sleep and often find myself lying on a tiny sofa trying to sleep never works. I have also tried covering my head up with a blanket, but that doesn't help because of the heat because it's summer!

Any advice?

Loud Ticking, Popping, Tapping \u0026 Creaking Sound in the Wall - Neighbor's Water Heater Exhaust Flue

It doesn't bother my mum as she sleeps pretty much like a log. Don't know how she does it! My guess, Heat pipes and or baseboard heaters expanding and contracting as they warm and then cool. Heat comes on more often at night and noises are more noticeable.

Tapping Noise in Attic at Night: What Should You Do?

But they are louder there and come My hubby said he has had mice in the house and they have made a clicking kind of sound like this. Mice can be in the walls and not be out and about in the house.

We had one here for ages in the second story bedroom wall of my daughter that drove her crazy scratching and digging. It was months and months before it came out and left droppings so we knew where to place the trap.Open Family Room is too loud- what can I do to quiet the space down? Ambient noise from nearby traffic. Refrigerator Noise. Front-loading Kenmore washer bangs on spin cycle. That sounds pretty accurate. Society is not near as ready for what is here occupying space on this earth planet seed.

It shall be epic! Cosmic "Spiritual Energy Technologies" being downloaded to this earth planet!. It is apart of our soul contract upgrade enhancement program, for all those who had accepted certain contracts before coming the this earth world. May you all find the true light, the light within one another.

I have had this same experience. Had a difficult time removing raccoon out. I was scared for my life.

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My husband was out of town on a business tour. I tried my best before resorting to help from wildlife removal services toronto.

They have to be removed by hand thus it is safe to hire wildlife technicians to get into the attic and remove them. In most of the cases, the raccoon in the attic would be a mother with babies. The young has to be removed by hand by night. Be patient with the mother raccoon in the attic. A bright light placed at the entrance would be disturbing for them.

Similarly, sound and smell annoy them a lot. Some people wait for them to grow up and leave, then close off the access point to prevent other raccoons from using the attic as a den in the future. But fortunately, in my case, the damage was covered by the insurance. Standard homeowners insurance would help you with damages pertaining to roof, attic, or any area of our home structure.

We have a Metalcraft espan roof. Very dissappointing has it too bangs and crashes with expansion and is even worse in windy conditions.

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Spoken with manufacturer and they have no interest in rectifying. No offense. This terrifying banging sound is the chronic headache for all of my family members. We have been experiencing it for more than 2 years now. Whatever it is we kind of used to it now!!!!

If you have ruled out all wildlife, found nothing in your roof then I would consider who lived in this house before and the la d the house is built on. We recently moved into a 3 year old house, saged and cleansed the house. There was serenity so we thought throughout the house until my wife moved a picture of Jesus from the den into our master.

We started hearing a loud punching sound from the roof that rattled the livingroom. We tried to debunk it but to no avail!

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We had to enlist the aid of a Babalao who came to our home and do a cleansing.


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