Seven movie symbolism

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Seven movie symbolism

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Detective David Mills is the new guy in town. He's a bright-eyed idealist who wanted to be transferred into the gritty city with hopes of changing it. But, after five years in homicide upstate whatever state we're inhe wants a change. Mills is a guy's guy who likes beer and serves wine in a tumbler instead of a wine glass. He likes to come home after a long day of trying to find a serial killer and spend time with his wife, Tracy, and play with his dogs.

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He has a good head on his shoulders, although he's definitely more street smart than book smart. But, then again, the dude is a cop. He knows what he needs to know to be good at his job … and had no idea that a well-rounded knowledge of literature would ever come into play.

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He knows the law. He knows right from wrong. Mills' heart is in the right place. What sets Mills apart from the rest of the cops on the force is the fact that he actually cares. Somerset used to care, but he's given up. And, when Somerset mopes about how apathetic everyone is, Mills vehemently disagrees with him in one of his most compelling monologues:. It's all fucked up. It's a fucking mess. We should all go live in a fucking log cabin.

I won't say that. I don't agree with you. I do not. I can't. Some of the other cops call Mills "hotshot" because they think he's a little cocky and overconfident.

We're more apt to call him hot under the collar. Mills might be more caring and compassionate than most other cops, but he's also much more liable to get worked up, and being controlled by his emotions ends up being his downfall. Somerset, with his cool Morgan Freeman voice, tries to lecture Mills multiple times to calm down.Post a Comment. Saturday, May 17, Seven Pounds of Symbolism. In film, there are many factors that blend together to create an experience for the viewer, such as the acting, editing, producing, and writing of the film; but the most important of these factors is something that is much deeper.

This factor is something that connects and resonates with the viewer at a much deeper level, symbolism. Symbolism is not something that can always be identified or pointed out with ease, but nonetheless it is the element that truly makes film an art. Symbolism is defined as an artistic and poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of mind.

Some forms of symbolism that are common in film include things such as colors representing emotions or feelings, the surroundings of a character representing what may be going on in their life, the lighting representing the tone or mood of the film, and many other things along these lines. Symbolism is something that can constantly be found throughout all films, whether it is something as simple as a small detail in the background of a shot that represents something, or something as significant as the theme of the film, symbolism plays a key role in bringing the viewer into the film in a sense, by filling the film with complexity, emotion, and meaning.

The film Seven Pounds is a perfect example of a film that utilizes symbolism to take the viewer on a journey through the life of an individual named Ben Thomas. In this film, there are many forms of symbolism present, but the three most compelling examples of symbolism in this film are the idea of the duality of life and death, the idea of Ben literally engineering his life and death, and the idea that this film contains themes similar to that of the play The Merchant of Venice.

There are a countless number of examples of symbolism found throughout the film Seven Poundsbut these are the three core ideas that are held responsible for pulling the viewer into such an intense and emotional cinematic experience. The first of these three vital examples of symbolism that is found in the film Seven Pounds is the idea of duality between life and death.

Although by most people life and death may be considered opposites, they are two things that cannot be separated; life is not possible without death, and death is not possible without life.

Seven Cast

Throughout this film, there are multiple ways in which the duality between life and death that are exemplified. According to the director of this film, Gabriele Muccino, the massive field that Ben and Emily are sitting in is used to symbolize all of the life that they are surrounded by even though they are both people who are filled with death. Putting Ben and Emily in this massive green field by themselves points out the fact that life is not always fair in the sense that it is not giving them the opportunity to live in the beauty that surrounds them.

Another example of the duality between life and death can be observed in all of the shots that contain either just Ben, or just Emily.

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All of the shots that contain only Ben are generally empty and dark and there is not much going on in the background, but the shots that contain Emily are always filled with light and packed with information and objects. This symbolizes the fact that when Ben is alone, he is empty and the dark lighting symbolizes the sadness and death that he is filled with. On the other hand, all of the shots that contain Emily are filled with color and light, which represents hope and life, and this symbolizes the idea that Emily fills Ben with life, and without her he is simply filled with death.

One more very important example of the duality between life and death that is found in this film is the symbol of the jellyfish. In this film, the jellyfish is something that is brought up multiple times throughout the course of the film, and plays a major role in the development of the story. The jellyfish is first discussed in the scene where Ben is bringing a pet jellyfish into his motel room, and he has a flashback to the first time he ever saw a jellyfish.

In this film, the jellyfish is symbolic of both the beauty of life, and the sadness of life and death. The fact that a jellyfish is so majestic and beautiful, yet so deadly makes it the perfect symbol for the duality of life and death. Given all of these examples, it is obvious that the duality of life and death is a form of symbolism found in this film that played a vital role in successfully delivering the message of this film, and the full experience of the film to its viewers.

The next crucial example of symbolism that is found in the film Seven Pounds is the idea that Ben Thomas literally engineers his death. The fact that Ben is an engineer reveals a lot about his character. It shows that he is always finding a mathematical and logical answer to problems, even if the problem may not have an answer. Throughout the film, Ben is engineering both his life and his death.

Ben puts a great deal of time and effort into researching medical and financial files, records, and documents, in an attempt to find individuals who truly do need his help, and he stalks their lives in a sense in order to decide whether or not they are truly good people, and deserve a life changing gift.In angel numerology, for just a few numbers we can say that is truly perfect. Number seven is one of those figures. It symbolises every positive and valuable matter in existence like prosper life, happiness, renewal, and perfection.

Some numerologist even believes that number seven is so perfect and powerful that it represents a connection to the universe. A door that enters a realm beyond our reach that has all the answers to the known and unknown world. In that world, we can receive answers to the questions that bother us all. When you look at ancient scripts, Egyptian hieroglyphics or religious files, you will notice that number 7 that appears more than any other number, and almost in every case, it represents a good sign.

People who are fortunate enough to have this angle number in their angel chart, are believed to have an angel that sits on their left shoulder and protects them from any harm.

It is believed that angel watches over and whispered answers when needed. The number seven is one of the most mysterious and secret numbers for which the human species knows, and this is repeated continuously in all religious texts where number 7 is put on the pedestal.

This calculation is not his only significance in mathematics. Not many numbers are a double Mersenne number. The Babylonians, who otherwise worshipped the gods they have their mythological creatures, myths etc. But also, they invented something that we use to this day.

seven movie symbolism

They divided the week to seven days hence: a week. They observe moon, stars, sun and come to the agreement that 7 is such a powerful number that perfectly divided their week into seven days. Since the calendar has always been essential in all religions remember just how much the Orthodox Church is persistent in using the Julian calendarthe division for the week was something that religious authors considered to require a cosmic and supernatural clarification.

Unlike the previous angel numbers from 1- 6 that represent instability and raising questions, with an angel number seven we enter into a unique, entirely new dimension that serves just as a bridge between the angel and our world. People who are angel number seven are considered to be reserved, confident, analytical, mysterious, and incredibly wise. They are in constant pursuit of answers to ultimate philosophical questions. Sevens have a firm faith, like to be secretive and they are great at keeping secrets.

Although sometimes sevens can act too seriously, distant and cold, they are concealing things, keeping secrets, analysing and collecting all those hidden information that can help them to understand not only life but also the mysterious unknown world.

Their constant need to raise questions to always be in doubt makes them perfect for jobs that involve research work so that she can be great detectives, geologists, archaeologists, astronomers, analysts, and sevens are skilful with computers or any modern technology. The symbol of the seven is a combination of squares and triangles, its corresponding planet is Uranus, and the colours that are considered to belong to sevens are pearl white, purple and red.

Number seven precious stones and minerals are pink quartz and seven love bright, yellow sunflowers. Seven is a person who always expresses its attitude, but also behaves like it needs no one. Seven can sometimes be mysterious and hide its true feelings, which can be a problem for loved ones.

Another problem that almost all seven faces is the constant avoidance of the conflict — as soon as angel number 7 feels that a discussion could escalate into something bigger, seven is pulling away. On the long run, sevens can feel alone and rejected. Only a deep faith can save sevens from the emotional emptiness that they so often feel in their hearts.

And only when angel number seven learns to share all wisdom then they will find peace and tranquillity that we all search.Seven Pounds is a American drama filmdirected by Gabriele Muccinoin which Will Smith stars as a man who sets out to change the lives of seven people.

The protagonist of the film dials to report his own suicide by a boxed jellyfish. He then narrates how God created the world in seven days, and how he managed to destroy his own in seven seconds.

The introduction of the film establishes that the protagonist intends on helping seven people of his own choice. The reason at this point remains unknown. For most encounters, the protagonist poses as an IRS agent to establish a sense of initial trust.

The Masque of the Red Death Symbolism and Analysis

At home, the protagonist now known as Ben Thomas Will Smith phones a meat delivery company to complain about his order and is put through to Ezra Turner Woody Harrelson. During the phone call, Ezra is revealed to be a vegetarian as well as blind in both eyes, prompting Ben to viciously humiliate and taunt Ezra, as well as goading him into retaliating. Ezra however calmly thanks Ben for his call and disconnects.

Ben then travels to a hospital to meet Emily Posa Rosario Dawsonwho has a congenital heart condition which is complicated by her rare blood type, therefore limiting donor viability. Despite being turned away from the hospital staff, Ben watches Emily sleep later that evening but leaves as she wakes during the night.

Despite this, Stewart pleads for a 6 month extension so that he can pay with his bonus in January, and Ben leaves with the matter unresolved. On his way out Ben talks to Inez, an elderly resident whom Stewart was attempting to talk to earlier but was unsuccessful in doing so. Ben informs Inez that he has the capacity to drastically change Stewart's circumstances, but needs to be sure that he deserves it and that if he is a "good man". Inez tearfully confides with Ben that Stewart has barred the nurses from bathing her, after her request to be put on different medication is refused as the original makes her dizzy.

Symbols of Death in Art Analysis: Ingmar Bergman Seventh Seal Meaning

Visibly appalled by this revelation, Ben transports Inez from her room to the bathrooms whilst Stewart attempts to perform damage control.

Ben angrily demands Stewart show his patients better respect, and denies his request there and then for an extension. Ben later meets with Holly Judyann Eldera child services employee to ask her the name of someone who is in dire need of help, but is too proud to ask. Holly directs Ben's attention to Connie Tepos Elpidia Carrilloa Latin immigrant whose boyfriend beats her regularly, and almost killed her in the previous year.

Connie is too scared of repercussions to press charges, leaving Holly powerless to help. Ben travels to Connie's home still posing as an IRS agent, but upon revealing that he knows of her genuine situation Connie demands that he leave. Ben leaves his calling card just in case she changes her mind. Several days later, a scared and desperate Connie calls Ben to accept his help. Ben arrives momentarily and realizes that her boyfriend has beaten her again.

Ben gifts her the deed to his beach house, to provide her and her children a safe home. George Bill Smitrovichis the coach of a junior hockey team who had also arranged partial scholarships for some of his players to attend College. George also has kidney failureprompting Ben to donate his own kidney as a reward for George's good nature.In Septemberanother serial killer film was released.

The killer has a theme that he follows. But onscreen, it was an understated masterpiece. The power and artistry of Seven begins and ends with the villain. The first sense we get of the viciousness of our killer is the method of death in the first victim. The second victim bleeds to death after cutting a pound of flesh out of his own body. Before we get a chance to fall into some predictable pattern, a third victim is discovered, but he is still alive. In the first three crimes, the devotion, madness and message of John Doe start to appear.

We begin to understand him, but even worse, we begin to feel for him. Everyone has been disgusted at one point or another when a shady defense lawyer is able to get a murderer cleared of charges. When a morbidly obese person sits down next to us in a public place, we wonder how they let themselves get that way. We say to ourselves, we would never do that. How twisted is it to inflict that pain on yourself instead of wearing gloves?

He visits one of his victims every day, caring for his bedsores just enough to keep them from getting infected and killing him. His patience is staggering.

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Another thing that adds to his mystery and the power of his villainy is that we never see him kill anyone. The first time we see John Doe aside from glimpses in a chase scene is when he walks into the police station to surrender. By not seeing him kill any of his victims, we individually construct mental images of him killing his victims and these images are the absolute worst things we can visualize.

Finally, a happy accident adds to the believability of Kevin Spacey playing John Doe. Kevin Spacey was not in the opening credits, and the producers asked reviewers not to reveal who played the killer. So, for many movie-goers, the appearance of Kevin Spacey was shocking and extremely effective. Effective because a scant five weeks before Seven was released, a low-budget film about criminals called The Usual Suspects hit the big screen.

So when Seven came out, everyone was easily sold that this plain-looking actor could be the epitome of evil. The casting is perfect. Brad Pitt as a cop who gets frustrated when he has to think, Morgan Freeman as the reserved cop who bottles everything up inside, Gwyneth Paltrow as the wife who just wants to be anywhere else. Even the minor actors take their craft to the next level. Michael Reid MacKeythe sloth victim, weighed 96 pounds when he auditioned for the role.

Fincher jokingly asked him to lose 6 pounds. Both roles are small, but neither character escapes easily from the memory. First, the rain. It comes down constantly, which adds to the dreary atmosphere.

But it comes down in such a desperate hope, as if to imply that enough rain could wash all our sins away. It finally stops raining when John Doe steps out of the cab to surrender. From that point on, there is no rain.Cool veteran Detective Somerset Morgan Freeman is paired with young hothead Detective Mills Pitt in pursuing a serial killer who picks his victims based on the seven deadly sins. They follow the clues and corpses, and the murderous John Doe Kevin Spacey eventually makes it into their custody, promising to reveal his two final victims — targeted for envy and wrath.

But the third act abandons cinematic tropes and convention. The finale owes much of its edge-of-your-seat quality to the tension established earlier in the film.

Fincher also embraced creative risks. He employed shaky camera to enhance the action and drama and included a brief shot of Tracy just before Mills shoots Doe, decisions editor Richard Francis-Bruce applauds. The scene hinges on the fated car ride with Mills, Somerset, and Doe. But when Mills says Doe only kills the innocent, his evil materializes.

Is that supposed to be funny? A predictable ending might have been a ruse by Doe tricking Somerset and Mills, his life ending by one of them after a failed escape. Something of that DNA was intimated as the delivery truck rumbles in.

From there, Doe never concedes it. And when Somerset opens the box and that bold music blares — brought to life by a large orchestra of about 90 to — viewers know that the power dynamic has shifted dramatically, even before Somerset verbalizes that Doe is in control.

In the unsettling car ride to the boonies, with prolonged shots on each character, the audience gets a feel for where Somerset, Mills, and Doe stand. Somerset worries, opens the box, and then his face contorts with horror. The truth, though unseen, stuns. Mills is torn between his training and his tragic loss. That was, for him, a little added bonus to the whole thing.

Mills, defeated by Doe, is shuttled away to pay for his final sin. But even after all the darkness of the climax, Somerset retains a semblance of hope. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

Image zoom. Everett Collection. MysteryThriller. Episode Recaps Previous. S9 E10 Recap. Homeland recap: Ka-boom again, again.

seven movie symbolism

S8 E9 Recap. Homeland recap: In the pawn shop, we'll be having some fun. S5 E9 Recap. Better Call Saul recap: Kim gets in the game. S5 E8 Recap. Better Call Saul recap: Lawyer-ence of Arabia. By Kat Rosenfield. Outlander recap: I will always sing for you. By Maureen Lee Lenker. S45 E16 Recap.Thanks for connecting!

You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Every movie has subtext, but when it comes to the stuff that makes it to the top of the box office, that subtext is usually something like "violence is bad" or "blowing shit up rules" often at the same time. Popcorn flicks are dumb as hell, is our point. But as we've talked about once or twice in the past, some blockbusters have surprisingly rich layers of meaning hidden under all those one-liners and explosions.

So let us once again be your Nicolas Cage to cinema's random bullshit clue which Benjamin Franklin stuck in a pipe or wooden leg or something, and reveal to you Universal Pictures. The original Jurassic Park is full of rich themes, from examining the dangers of playing God to examining the dangers of underpaying and publicly berating the one guy who can keep your family and friends from being eaten by dinosaurs.

One overt story element: Dr. Sattler Laura Dern is trying to convince Dr. Grant Sam Neill to have kids.

The only stumbling block is Grant's love of pretending to disembowel children for his own amusement. Universal Pictures That kid grew up, got in shape, and learned to train velociraptors, all to get back at him. Grant eventually comes around, learning that it's more fun to save children than to terrify them -- but as lecturer Mike Hill points outthis theme of creating family is repeatedly underscored in ways you probably didn't notice.

For starters, the paleontological dig at the beginning has what's essentially an ultrasound machine, which Sattler and Grant react to like expectant parents.

Se7en — Why Less Is More

Universal Pictures Not to mention how that is the daddest flannel shirt ever worn. They even have to wade through its giant pile of shit, which is probably the most accurate depiction of what it's like to have a newborn ever on film. Universal Pictures And Jeff Goldblum is there.

It's uncanny.

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When Dr. Grant decides that he likes kids and doesn't want to see two of them get eaten by a T. Rexhe rescues the girl by pulling her out of muddy wreckage -- which is disturbingly reminiscent of those childbirth videos they made us watch in school.

Universal Pictures They stopped short of having the Jeep do Lamaze. Then, the moment when Sattler discovers that Grant symbolically had kids by rescuing them is shot almost exactly like Grant's discovery that the dinosaurs are having kids earlier in the film, with the car as a sort of empty egg. According to Hill, this creates a "parallel between life finding a way socially, and life finding a way biologically. Universal Pictures In Jurassic Worldthe theme of refreshing margaritas and delicious coffee is underscored by all the goddamn restaurant chains shoehorned into the story.

Warner Bros. Saying that the story of Tarzan is problematic is probably an insult to problems. Even on the surface, it seems messed up. Tarzan is the uncomfortably pro-colonialist story of a white guy a British lord by birth, in fact who becomes the king of the African jungle.

Even worse, in the world of the stories, "Tarzan" literally means "white skin. Meanwhile, "Jane" means "I don't have to have sex with an African woman.

One story even states that "the baiting of blacks was Tarzan's chief divertissement" though The Erotic Adventures Of Tarzan had a different interpretation of this line.

While this could all be viewed as run-of-the-mill old-timey racism, the Tarzan books may have had an even more sinister motivation. According to the biography Tarzan Forever: The Life Of Edgar Rice Burroughsthe famed author was a believer in eugenics and the forced sterilization of people deemed genetically inferior or undesirable.

seven movie symbolism

He advocated rounding up and killing not just criminals, but their families as well.


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